Dome Cafe

Exhibiting an ambience and a style distinctly European, Dôme Cafes provides a unique customer experience in a luxurious yet contemporary setting. Built specifically around an old world European brasserie café, it combines great tasting coffee and a diverse food menu with stylish service to the table. It is a perfect place to grab a quick snack or take-away coffee, or an elegant location to spend some time and enjoy the unique décor and atmosphere. Covering all meal and beverage needs, Dôme Cafes is the perfect space for coming during all parts of the day. So, whether Bahrain locals or visitors are looking to read a book and sip coffee for hours, have a casual meal with the family, or grab a take away snack, Dôme is looking forward to serving them always with a smile and a great willingness.

Dôme Cafes are firstly known for their unique décor, exhibiting a reminiscent of a classical European style coffee house. Ambiance is much more than just the décor. We know that in order to create a truly memorable guest experience we have to be above reproach. So we comprehensively train all of our cast members to provide best practice guest service. Whether seeking a quick take away coffee or taking the time out to dine in for a meal, we take pride in our ability to offer a warm, welcoming and above all lasting impression in our interactions with our guests.

Unlike a family dinner-house or a fast food restaurant, Dôme Café is a unique attraction all day long, from the early hours when it opens its doors to the late-night business hours when the location is closing From business and trades people who get their first morning cup of coffee, to mothers groups who relax with their children, or family groups who enjoy a meal with a special flavour, Dôme is an inclusive place for people and families of all ages and backgrounds to lounge and enjoy.

We are proud of our special atmosphere, unequalled by other places, and consider ourselves a true house of hospitality, where high standards service are offered and comfort is ensured. Everyone is welcomed and everyone will find something special to taste and admire.